My Space - Cable Ties 25 Mixed Size Multi Pack - Black

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Perfection: Organized and convenient management of your desk.
Performance: Durable and long lasting across a wide variety of device cables.
Mixed 25 Multi-pack: 10 x 15cm length, 10 x 22cm length and 5 x 30cm length cable ties included.
Protection: Preserves cable integrity.
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Product description

Perhaps you are the kind of person who desires perfection. Perhaps you long for an object that seamlessly integrates into your workspace; with a kind of minimalistic design that conveniently and discretely organises your desk.

Perhaps you are also the kind of person who desires performance, which means you strive for durable, long-lasting build quality.

And if you are - Then are you also the kind of person who, above all else, desires protection...?

Then this - is the Desire2 Tidy My Space Cable Ties Mixed 25 Multi-pack.

With durable, long lasting 15cm, 22cm and 30cm lengths that support a wide variety of device cables and preserve your cable integrity, the Desire2 Tidy My Space Cable Tidy Mixed 25 Multi-pack could be your ultimate object of desire.

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