USB Lightning Cable 1M Nylon - Rose Gold

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Perfection: Premium aluminium alloy with a reversible, ergonomic easy-grip tip.
Performance: Flexible, strengthened nylon material.
Lightning connector: Apple certified for iDevices (220626-0058).
Long-lasting: Superior, long-lasting build quality.
3 year warranty: Industry-leading 3 year warranty for ultimate peace of mind.
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Crafted from premium aluminium

A minimalistic, modern design crafted out of a refined, premium silver anodised aluminium alloy that stylishly compliments Apple products such as iPhones. Silver anodising is an electrochemical process that converts a metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Anodised aluminium is considered environmentally safe, producing few, if any, harmful effects on land, air, or water.

Apple certified for iDevices

The USB lightning cable has been certified by Apple as the perfect accessory for charging your iPhone via Lightning connector (certification number 220626-0058). The cable fully supports iTunes and also provides super fast data transfer speeds.

Superior strain relief

The flexible, strengthened nylon cable has been tried and tested and provides superior, long-lasting strain relief, preventing wear and tear around the tip over time from excessive bending. The nylon design of the cable also ensures it remains tangle-free and easy to carry.

Product description

Perhaps you are the kind of person who desires perfection. Perhaps you long for an object that seamlessly integrates into your living space; with a kind of finish that allows your fingers to lightly brush over sleek, refined aluminium.

Perhaps you are also the kind of person who desires performance, which means you strive for superior, long-lasting build quality with certified compatibility.

And if you are - Then are you also the kind of person who, above all else, desires protection? Protection of your device, and protection of yourself…?

Then this - is the Desire2 Charge by USB Lightning Cable presented in sleek, refined aluminium.

With a reversible, ergonomic easy-grip tip and flexible, strengthened nylon material with long-lasting cable strain relief, Apple approved certification and industry-leading 3 year warranty for peace of mind, the Desire2 Charge by USB Lightning Cable could be your ultimate object of desire.