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Article: Ten Surprising Facts About Aluminium

Ten Surprising Facts About Aluminium

Ten Surprising Facts About Aluminium

We love aluminium at Desire2.  We make a lot of our products from it.  Not only because it looks great, but because it is strong, lightweight and has some great eco credentials.  We have put together a list of curious facts about this mighty metal. 



Rubies are actually aluminium oxide crystals with some of the atoms replaced by chromium ones.



It is the most abundant mineral on Earth after oxygen and silicon. A massive 8.2% of the earth’s crust is aluminium. 



Aluminium is also known as “aluminum”. Yes the spelling is different, the words have the same meaning. 



Aluminium is a green metal. It is infinitely recyclable. Almost 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in use today.  The average soft drink can is reborn every 60 days.


When it is in power form and mixed with other chemicals, it becomes VERY flammable. Space shuttles use it as a fuel for booster rockets. It is also used on sparklers and silver fireworks.  (guess that is where the 25% not in circulation has gone!)



It does not rust.  It can take all kinds of moisture without losing any of its integrity.  Perfect for outside use.



It is very heat resistant.  It can withstand incredibly high temperatures – up to about 600 Celsius.  It takes a temperature of 660 Celsius process it.   



There is aluminium on the moon. Not cheese but Aluminium. 



Aluminium is highly flexible. It has DOUBLE the energy absorbing ability of steel.  This is why you see crash barriers made from it.



In the Mid-19th Century, Aluminium was known as the “Metal of Kings”. It was held in higher value than gold. Napoleon III’s VIP guests were given aluminium cutlery while his other guests had to make do with gold or silver plates.


Hopefully you found these interesting. Drop us a line if you have any interesting aluminium facts of your own through our Contact page. We might reward you with a prize...

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