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The Desire2 Dual Air Vent Grip Holder allows you to conveniently store your mobile phone while you drive.  Precision-engineered in a stylish glossy finish, our smartphone grip holders compliment both your automobile and mobile phone effortlessly.

Our in-car dual air vent holder provides supreme compatibility and can be easily fitted into most car interior air vents. The Desire2 Dual Air Vent Grip Holder is adjustable to easily fit most mobile phones up to 6” in size. The 360-degree ball joint rotation provides optimal viewing comfort; allowing you to view your mobile phone in either landscape or portrait modes.

The Desire2 Dual Air Vent Grip Holder is designed with dual grips which firmly holds your mobile phone in place while you drive. Your mobile phone will be cushioned by the tactile anti-slip rubber pads which provide increased stability while protecting the surface of your mobile phone. With all this, the Desire2 Dual Air Vent Grip Holder could be your ultimate object of desire.

Perhaps you are the kind of person that desires perfection?

Perhaps you are also the kind of person who desires performance: Which means you strive for superior, long-lasting build quality in a durable, glossy design.

And if you are - Then are you also the kind of person who, above all else, desires protection? Protection of your device, and protection of yourself...?

Then this – is the Desire2 Mobile Phone In-Car Dual Air Vent Grip with 360 Degree Rotation

Elegant minimalist design: Integrates seamlessly into your automobile
Sleek glossy finish: Stylishly compliments your mobile phone and feels soft to the touch
360-degree rotation: Optimal viewing of your mobile phone in both landscape and portrait
Widely compatible design: Easily adjustable for mobile phones up to 6” in size
Ultimate peace of mind: Industry-leading 3-year warranty included

Air Vent Phone Mount 360



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