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The Desire2 Supreme Dual Pivot Adjustable Stand for Laptop & MacBook

When only the perfect solution will suffice. Crafted from sleek, refined aluminium and designed with ergonomics in mind, the Supreme dual pivot laptop stand will take your desk set up quite literally - to the next level.  Ideal for the computer desk in your home office, amazing for gaming, and even excellent if you need to set your computer up on your dining table. 

Our superior riser provides adjustable height (up to 30cm) and viewing angle (0-90 degrees) through lockable dual pivot rotation of your 10-17 inch laptop or MacBook. Combined with the ability to flat pack for easy transportation means that it is the ultimate portable laptop & MacBook stand.   


Performance - An elevated, open design

Laptops and other electrical products contain certain electronics that need to keep themselves cool. The aluminium alloy used to construct this Supreme Dual Pivot laptop stand provides the perfect heat conductor, and the elevated, open design improves airflow around your Laptop while it is working; providing better cooling, heat diffusion and a quieter performance.


Protection - Tactile anti-slip rubber pads

The Supreme Dual Pivot stand features several built-in silicone rubber pads placed tactically on the base and top surface to keep your laptop securely in place and prevent it from falling. Silicone rubber is a great means of providing a non-slip quality to a surface; their anti-slip, grip-like qualities ensuring that your stand will not only stay fixed, but will also leave no residue when removed. Elevating your laptop will protect you by helping to relieve neck & eye Strain. 


Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments minimalist desk set ups as well as Apple computers and products such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. Strong Construction enables compatibility of most 10-17” laptops with a superior 6KG weight bearing capacity. 


Quality we stand by

Backed up with our three year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that when choose the Supreme dual pivot you are investing in one of the best laptop stands available today.

Supreme Dual Pivot Laptop Stand



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