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The Desire2 Tablet Mount Stand 2 in 1

Give your Tablet or Smartphone a truly flexible & a safe place to stand with this robust mount.  Its unique design gives you the flexibility to mount your tablet on the wall or stand it on any surface.  It is highly adjustable giving you the ability to get your screen at the perfect angle while you perfect that new recipe in the kitchen or relax to a video in the bedroom.  

This portable stand is ideal for all tablets up to 12 inch from Apple, (including iPad Pro & Air), Samsung, Lenovo, Windows, Amazon and more, as well as all makes of Smartphone phone including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, and Nokia. 


Performance - Optimum & Secure Viewing

Fully rotatable pivots provide optimal viewing of your smartphone or tablet.  These dual rotatable pivots provide extendable height up to 30cm, and a smooth rotatable ball joint allows the holder to be rotated a full 360 degrees; providing you with the perfect angles for optimal, comfortable viewing and interaction with your tablet or smartphone.



Protection - A Safe Place for your Device

Nothing spoils your day like a smashed tablet. With this stand you will always have somewhere safe to put yours while you unleash your creativity in the Kitchen.  Give yourself the peace of mind so you can find your flow without worrying about your technology.  


Perfection - The Perfect Easy to Use Viewing Platform

The stand features a unique 2-in-1 mounting mechanism that allows you the choice of using it free-standing on your desk or mounted on your wall using the supplied wall bracket. The wall bracket features a strong 3M adhesive for semi-permanent placement, and screw holes for a longer-term solution.  

Backed up with our three year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that when choose the Tablet 2-in1 Mount you are investing in one of the best device stands available today.

Tablet Mount Stand 2-in-1