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he Desire2 Extended Arm Smartphone & Tablet Holder

This is a durable, fully adjustable ergonomically designed in-car suction mount holder with a fully extendable arm. It is super tough and incredibly versatile.  It will hold your device under even the toughest of driving conditions. Suitable for all Tablets and Smartphones including Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Amazon Fire & Kindle,  Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and more.  


Performance - Strong suction & extreme adjustability

Advanced suction cup provides a secure attachment to both dashboards and windscreens. 360 degree rotating tablet holder for portrait and landscape viewing angles gives you the perfect position.  A quick release button allows for rapid tablet insertion and removal. Rotatable pivots provide extended height of up to 18cm. 


Protection - for your device and your licence 

Our Extended Arm holder will keep your smartphone safe on the move. If used correctly it will stop you from breaking the law regarding the use of handheld devices while in charge of a motor vehicle.   


Perfection – Strong grip every trip. 

This 360 degree rotation holder which allows portrait and landscape viewing. Will hold on to your device like glue - leaving you to get on with your trip without worrying about your tablet or smartphone. 


Quality we stand by 

Backed up with our three year warranty, the Extended Arm will not let you down. 

Extended Arm