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The Desire2 Supreme Pro Stand for Laptop & MacBook - Gunmetal.

Elevate your laptop. Improve your digital life. 

This is the Supreme Pro laptop stand.

Engineered in refined aluminium alloy for high strength with low weight. The surface of this beautiful-yet-functional laptop stand is smooth to the touch, but it also feels balanced and solid. This means that you get a reassuring sense of quality and attention to detail every time you pick it up, or when you put your laptop on it. 

It is precision-engineered with a robust build that is guaranteed to last. And, with its sleek design, our Supreme Pro laptop stand will fit perfectly into your living or work space.  


Performance - Increased air flow with load bearing design. 

The Desire2 Supreme Pro is extremely compatible and can support any laptop 10-17.3" in size. Superior weight bearing capabilities also allow the stand to hold a load of up to 6KG. Increased elevation increases cooling and airflow, allowing for optimal laptop performance.


Protection - Correct posture for you and your machine.

Increased protection for your laptop and for yourself. The Desire2 Supreme Pro is fitted with tactile silicone rubber pads. These gently hold your laptop in place without damaging it. Our superb ergonomic design increases the height of your laptop by 12.7cm. This promotes good posture while reducing neck and eye strain.


Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments minimalist desk set-ups. It also looks amazing with Black laptops from Dell and Lenovo etc as well as Apple products, such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. 


Quality that we stand by

Backed up with an industry leading three year warranty, the Supreme Pro is one of the best choices you can make for your laptop stands. 

Supreme Pro Laptop Stand Gunmetal



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