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The Desire2 Desk Stand for Laptop & Macbook

A minimalistic, modern dedicated cradle for your laptop crafted from premium refined silver anodised aluminium that stylishly compliments computers and products such as iPads, Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. Beautifully simple in its design and perfectly functional with its sole purpose - to hold your laptop elegantly on your desk in the closed position.  



Performance - Intelligent Design 

This cleverly designed laptop stand allows you to store your computer vertically or horizontally. The Desk stand has a fully adjustable width setting which caters for the majority of laptop thicknesses from 0.55 inches to 2.58 inches (fitting most Apple, Dell, HP and Samsung laptops) 



Protection - Out Of the Way of Your Chaos. 

The Supreme Stand features several built-in silicone rubber pads placed tactically on the base and top surface to keep your Laptop securely in place and prevent it from falling. Silicone rubber is a great means of providing a non-slip quality to a surface; their anti-slip, grip-like qualities ensuring that your stand will not only stay fixed, but will also leave no residue when removed.


Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments minimalist desk set-ups as well as Apple computers and products such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. Perfect in your home office and outstanding for work & gaming alike.  Strong construction enables compatibility of most Laptops


Quality we stand by 

Backed up with our three year warranty, the Desk Stand is one of the most minimal and elegant choices you can make for your laptop stand right now.  



A new, innovative consumer electronics collective. Our very simple premise: Basic human needs. Our product philosophy addresses them in three ways: Performance. Protection. Perfection. We have over one hundred years of combined experience building high satisfaction products. We live and breathe what we do and can't wait to share our creations with you.  


Desk Stand Laptop Stand



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