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Laptop Elevator Riser Adjustable Stand - Silver

The Desire2 Elevator Riser is machined from refined aluminium alloy. It is  ergonomically designed to increase the viewing elevation of your laptop - providing you ultimate viewing comfort with its 5 levels of adjustable height. Its build quality inspires a high level of confidence, not only by how it looks, but also because the moment you have it in your hands - you can just feel that it has been engineered to our high standards.  



Performance - Increased air flow with adjustable height design. 

The Desire2 Elevator Riser is extremely compatible and can support any laptop 10-17.3" in size. Strong construction allows the stand to hold a load of up to 24KG. Increasing the elevation of your laptop or MacBook increases cooling and airflow, allowing for optimal laptop performance.


Protection - Correct posture for you and your machine.

Increased protection for your laptop and for yourself. The Desire 2 Elevator Riser is fitted with anti slip feet and silicone rubber grip pads that hold your laptop in place and add increased protection for your laptop’s surface. With 5 adjustable height settings this stunning ergonomic design promotes good posture which in turn helps reduce neck and eye strain.  


Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments minimalist desk set-ups as well as Apple computers and products such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. Perfect in your home office and outstanding for work & gaming alike. 


Quality we stand by

Backed up with our three year warranty, the Elevator Riser is undoubtedly an incredibly solid choice for your next laptop stand.

Elevator Riser Laptop Stand