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The Desire2 Riser for Monitor & Laptop

With its smooth surface engineered from refined aluminum and considered design The Riser creates additional desk space to bring some very clever and elegant organisation to your workspace.  With a minimal and elegant design, the Desire2 Riser integrates seamlessly into any desk set up. Suitable for use as a pc monitor riser or for an Apple Mac Riser. 

Performance - Strong Stand for the Heaviest of Monitors 

The Desire2 Riser is extremely compatible and this durable screen supports any monitor up to 14kg (30.9 lbs). The Riser's dimensions are : 210mm(D) x 400mm (W) x 44mm(H).


Protection - Correct Posture For You And Your Machine.

This product is ergonomically certified to improve posture and maintain long-lasting health; with the ability to achieve a sufficient viewing elevation that reduces strain on your back and neck. As outlined by The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain are common computer-related injuries. Such muscle and joint problems can be caused or made worse by poor workstation (desk) design, bad posture and sitting for long periods of time. Using a pc monitor riser is a great investment in your health.  

Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments minimalist desk set-ups as well as Apple computers and products such as Apple Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. Perfect in your home office and outstanding for work & gaming alike. 


Backed up with our three year warranty, the Riser is up there as one of the best choices you can make for your PC Monitor riser, Apple Mac Riser or Laptop stand.




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