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The Desire2 Classic Portable Riser Stand for Laptop & MacBook

Get ultimate viewing comfort on the move with our foldable laptop stand. Crafted from refined aluminium alloy. Engineered with you in mind. Ergonomically engineered to provide 70mm of height elevation for your laptop or MacBook. The open design increases the airflow to your machine. Achieve peak performance with improved passive cooling. A completely foldable stand that folds totally flat and slips into your bag when you are ready to hit the road. The Classic Portable Laptop Stand could easily be your new favourite travel companion.


Performance - Increased air flow with load bearing design. 

The Desire2 Classic Portable Laptop stand is very compatible. It can support any laptop 10-17.3 inches in size. Superior weight bearing capabilities also allow this stand to hold a load of up to 6KG. The open wedge design increases cooling and airflow around your laptop. Allowing you to enjoy optimal laptop performance. Convenient to carry when not in use. All you need to do is fold it up and slip it into your bag.


Protection - Correct posture for you and your machine.

Increased protection for your laptop and for yourself. The Desire2 Classic Portable laptop stand is equipped with high grade silicone anti slip feet that prevent slippage even on the shiniest of surfaces.  With a superb ergonomic design that promotes good posture while reducing neck and eye strain, the improvements to your workstation will be immediately noticeable and will provide long term improvements to your digital life.   


Perfection – Premium materials and build quality

Premium aluminium feels solid to the touch and stylishly compliments minimalist desk set-ups as well as Apple computers and products such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks or any other 13-15 inch laptops, including models from Dell, Lenovo & Acer etc.  Perfect in your home office and outstanding for work & gaming alike.  


Quality We Stand by

Backed up with our three year warranty, the Classic Portable won't let you down.   

Classic Portable Laptop Stand