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Article: Questions about laptop stands (Part 2)

Questions about laptop stands (Part 2)

Questions about laptop stands (Part 2)

We took part in a listening experiment and collected some frequent questions on laptop stands.  There were around three hundred questions in total.  We will work our way through, and post our answers to them here.  

The answer is laptop stand - what was the question?! 


What laptop stand should I buy? 

This will depend on your budget and usage requirements. If you are on the road a lot, we would suggest one of our travel laptop stands like the Desire2 Classic Portable Laptop Stand or the Desire2 Foldable X Laptop Stand

If you are using your laptop stand for your desk set up then you can go for something more substantial like the Desire2 Supreme Pro Laptop Stand or even the Desire2 Supreme Dual Pivot Laptop Stand


What is a laptop stand good for? 

A laptop stand is good for: 

  • Making your desk set up look amazing.  
  • Setting your screen at the correct height.
  • Improving the airflow to your laptop.


If you have any questions you would like adding - please drop us a line from the contact pages and we will add them to the next addition.  

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